It’s the time of crisis or I rather call the rest period 😊
……And I hope you all are doing well!!!
Well, assuming everything will fall in place soon, here is a bit of info that I would like to pass it on , especially for the handcrafters i.e. if you are into knitting, crocheting , embroidering, glass work, jewelry making – basically anything that is completely handmade then this is for you!
Do you know that there is something called ‘Artisans Identity Card,’ that is issued by the Union Ministry of Textile- Office of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)? Due to lack of awareness and low accessibility, Artisan Identity Card is however not known to many.
It’s an exclusive card designed especially for the artisans to meet their day to day working capital needs. It offers cash credit and term loan at very low interest rates. If you are a handicraft artisan and if you are looking for timely financial help to make your business run efficiently, then Artisans Credit Card is your best bet!
Before I go into further details let me tell you the importance of this card : When this card was issued to me I was told -Mam, it is easy to even get an Aadhar card but very difficult to get an Artisan Identity Card. So, please bear in mind that this is issued based on various criteria, but once you get it the benefits are numerous – to name a few:
· Free Participation (or subsidy based) for selected exhibitions all over India.
· The credit limit offered under this card is up to 2 lakhs, without any collateral.
· Education benefits for two kids.
· Business and Entrepreneurial Skill Training.
· Life and disability Insurance benefits under Jeevan Bima Yojana Scheme where the premium would be borne by the Government.
And many more…….
It’s basically a multipurpose card that provides you the working capital needs, insurance coverage and educational benefits.
How to Apply:
Go to  click on Artisan Desk and under it you can find the option of ‘Artisan ID Card Form. ‘Do fill in the registration form and please make sure you read each column thoroughly and fill in the necessarily details.
Along with the form you need to submit the following documents:
· Aadhar Card
· Ration Card
· Voter Id
· Bank Passbook Photocopy
· Passport
In addition, you can fill the application form and submit it to the bank office or the local Handicraft or Cottage and small-scale industry body.
Financial Institutions:
(1) Nationalized Banks (2) All Regional Rural Banks (3) Co-operative Banks (4) Public Sector Banks (5) Certain Private Banks
Perhaps you can make use of the lock down period and start applying now, if you are doing it online!!!
Stay Home Stay Safe 😊