Brooches, been one of the hottest accessory is needless to say a must have in every women’s wardrobe. And, on saris you can use it innumerable ways and still appear like a diva. When used in the right way, brooches can make you appear slimmer too.

Here are few ways on how you can use a brooch on a sari.

You can make an ordinary sari look expensive by just adding an elegant brooch. So, the next time you’re heading for a party and you feel your sari is just too dull, just remember this tip – wear a brooch! And, do NOT wear more than one at a time for a classic look.


Always assure you choose a strong brooch [depending on the weight of the sari] to hold the pleats in place. Another option is to use a safety pin first and then place the brooch on top for a stylish look; nonetheless too many holes can only end up in damaging the sari. On the other hand, if your sari includes heavy work, choose to wear the brooch on the blouse and not on the sari as it might look too worked up.

The style of the brooch should go with the style of the sari. For instance, you can opt for designs like peacock or a butterfly for a traditional sari. For a simple plain sari, choose bold and striking brooches, studded with crystals and rhinestones – hmmm, nothing like it.

Imagesource: Sareetimes

Imagesource: Sareetimes

One of the most common places is at the navel. But if you are using it at the navel and prefer it to show, you need to drape the sari accordingly. It’s recommended only if you have a great body to carry the look.

Imagesource: Sareetimes

Holding the pallu at the hip is quite a chic thing. Though this was the style of the 70’s, it still can be put forward to make that unique statement. If you prefer draping the sari in Guajarati style, you can pin the brooch at the back of the pallu.

Shoulder is the most frequent place, where people prefer to pin a brooch. Apart from holding the sari in place, it gives that extra bling for a chic look. You can either gather the pallu at the shoulder, or fix the brooch to hold it in place (or) wear the sari as a single pleat and fix the brooch at the shoulder.

The next hot spot is at the back of the blouse. This is a great place to pin the brooch, to up your style quotient. Do place it in the center to give the impression that the sides are joined with the help of a brooch. No matter what your body shape is, it’s an ideal place for this hot accessory…you just can’t wait for the compliments to pour in.

Imagesource: Sareetimes

These are just few methods, but you can use it in numerous ways to boost your style quotient by leaps and bounds. Remember, they are one of the exceptional accessories that give you a unique identity.


And, finally experiment, experiment and experiment – Dare to be different.