Is a Saree Business Profitable?
At least at the time when the Economy is low?
I had a couple of them asking me if the business is here to stay? I am not going the business way to say how profitable it is, but more on emotional level to reveal the secret 😊
The fact is most woman do not view saree as a piece of cloth, its SOULFUL l !!!Do not believe me, check with someone who loves to wear one. She would drool!!!
· Have you read poets and poetess writing relentlessly on the mesmerizing 6 yards, dancing to the curves of a woman?
· Have you seen artists and painters draw woman clad in a saree that is truly hypnotic…?
· Have you seen spell binding statues saree clad?
No attire can match that!!!
Every Saree can Tell a Story- A story so deep and timeless!
I read this somewhere – “Love is when he kneels down to help you make perfect pleats for your saree.” Now, how Romantic is that?
As one woman puts it, “When I am depressed, I wear a saree, it instantly lifts my mood.”
Hence, the 6 yards is not just an attire, its much more!!! It is a cure to a depressed soul, it is an artist muse, its 6 yards of pure grace and elegance, it is a language, its sensual and stimulating, IT’S MAGIC !
When a woman wears a saree, the world stops to admire her grace ( I am sure many of you can relate with that 😉) – it’s a proud way to flaunt who she is without having to say it !!!
Hence, sarees are soulful, and women buy it no matter what and so: A SAREE BUSINESS IS ALWAYS PROFITABLE.
PS: “Life is Short, Let my Pallu be Long !!!”